Stick Welders a Versatile Choice

Stick Welders a Versatile Choice
21 August 2015
Stick Welders a Versatile Choice

Welding & Metalwork: Stick Welding

Due to its versatility, stick welding, or manual metal arc (MMA) welding is possibly the most common welding method used in workshops, farms and on site.

Stick welders are used in many situations, such as a 240-volt welder in a workshop, a three-phase welder in an industrial fabrication shop and an on-site generator welder.

They all share the same basic operating techniques regardless of the machine used.  An arc is formed between a consumable welding electrode and the work piece to create intense heat capable of melting metal.  The filler metal from the electrode and the molten parent metal mix and solidify, forming a bond or weld.  Flux coating on the electrode produces a shielding gas and forms slag, which is chipped off the finished weld.

A stick welder can be applied easily to different tasks and to different metals simply by changing the electrode type and adjusting the current.


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  Stick Welders a Versatile Choice

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