Angle Grinders Demand Respect

Angle Grinders Demand Respect
28 August 2015
Angle Grinders Demand Respect

From the Workshop: Angle Grinder Safety

The combination of high speed, spinning grinding wheels, sparks and noise doesn't make the angle grinder everyone's favourite tool.  But to cut, grind or polish metal, nothing is better.

Horror stories abound of people seriously injured or killed using angle grinders, but most maiming occurs when a grinder is used beyond its intended purpose.

For instance, people have been seriously injured by fitting circular saw blades to their angle grinder, or by using larger cutting discs than the machine is designed for.  Eye injury from flying metal particles is all too common and safety glasses are a must whenever using a grinder.

Less common but more serious are injuries caused by grinder kick-back, which is the result of the grinding wheel 'grabbing' in the work, which forces the grinder back at speed at the operator.


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  Angle Grinders Demand Respect

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