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1001 Piece 19 Drawer Mega Master Tool Kit Metric/AF - Red #TCMM1001N
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TengTools has become the first choice for many industrial users all over the world. Our unique ‘Get Organised’ system allows professionals to build a custom tool kit to suit their own individual needs. Professionals in many industries may require tools to be stored in EVA foam. We have an extensive range of EVA tool trays that can be used with our clever storage options to create a bespoke tool kit ready for the demands of any workshop. TengTools has been used in the toughest environments around the world and is built to last. We offer a complete solution of high quality tools at a reasonable price. Our tools are used by companies that do not compromise on quality. Our extensive range offers an opportunity for buyers to find an optimal assortment with regard to quality, range and price.

A 1001 piece tool kit, the most complete toolkit supplied in the Teng Tools range. Built up using the unique Teng Tools TC-tray system and covering just about every tool most people ever need. Supplied in a TC806NF/TC803N/TCW810N 8 series ball bearing slide top box/middle box/roller cabinet construction.

Top Chest
1   MDM708        8 piece mini screwdriver set
1   1479MM         9 piece ball point hex key wrench set
1   1479AF            9 piece AF ball point hex key wrench set
1   1479TX            9 piece TX wrench set
2   Spare Drawer
3   Spare Drawer
4   TTHEX7            7 piece T handle hex drivers
4   TTNR81           81 piece nut rivet set
4   TTTX7               7 piece T handle TX/TPX drivers
4   TTHR81            81 piece hand rivet set
5   TT1236             12 piece mm combination spanner set
5   TTALU              32 piece socket clip rail set
5   TTTMO3          3 piece inspection tool set
5   TT6208             8 piece open ended spanner set
6   TTPS09            9 piece general tool kit with PS tray

Middle Chest
7   TTPC09            9 piece punch and chisel set
7   TTID20             20 piece 1/2" drive impact driver set
7   TTSR04            4 piece scraper and remover set
7   TT00                 add on tool tray
8   TTHP08            8 piece hook and pin wrench set
8   TT6506             6 piece double flex wrenches
8   TT6010M        10 piece midget combination spanner set
8   TT3592             8 piece AF combination spanner set
9   TTXPB3            3 piece roll/heel bar set
9   TTX6311          11 piece mm double ring spanner set

Lower Cabinet
10   TTXEXT13     13 piece extension set
10   TT1205          5 piece 1/2" drive socket accessories
10   TT1435          35 piece 1/4" drive regular/deep metric socket set
10   TT3819          19 piece 3/8" drive metric socket set
10   TT1217          17 piece 1/2" drive regular metric socket set
11   TTTX23          23 piece 40/70mm TX bit socket set
11   TTHEX23       23 piece metric hex bit socket set
11   TTALU           32 piece socket clip rail set
11   TTXMDT       5 piece power thru screwdriver set
11   TT9116          16 piece 1/2" drive regular/deep impact socket set
12   TTX918          8 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set
12   TT917             7 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set
12   TT917TX        7 piece TX/TPX Mega Drive screwdriver set
12   TTMD74        74 piece ratcheting bits driver set
12   TTMI16         16 piece mini plier/screwdriver set
13   TTX474-9      4 piece 9" circlip plier set
13   TT440-T         4 piece Mega Bite plier set
13   TT474-7         4 piece 7" circlip plier set
13   TT474-5         4 piece 5" circlip plier set
13   TTHC03         3 piece hose clamp set
14   TTX1292        1/2" drive torque wrench
14   TTV440          4 piece 1000 v insulated plier set
14   TTCP121       121 piece crimping tool set
14   TTV907          7 piece 1000 v screwdriver set
14   TT01               Add on tool tray with dividers
15   TTX01            add on tool tray with dividers
15   TT804             2 in 1 puller set
15   TTOS16         16 piece oil service set
15   TTSN11         11 piece stud and nut remover set
15   TTTD17          17 piece tap and die set mm
16   TTX2032        7 piece mm combination spanner set
16   TTX3892        22 piece 3/8" drive torque wrench set
16   TTXPB3A      3 piece pry bar set
17   TTXMDN      9 piece nut driver set
17   TTPSPG         4 piece power grip pliers with PS tray
18   TTX2640        7 piece AF combination spanner set
18   TTTXH15       15 piece 1/2" drive long bits socket set
18   TT1215AF     15 piece 1/2" drive AF regular socket set
18   TTAF32          32 pce 1/4" and 3/8" regular/deep AF socket set
18   TTTX30          30 pce 1/4" and 3/8" TX, TPX and TX-E socket set
19   TTX3404        4 piece 3/4" drive socket accessories set
19   TTX3414        14 piece 3/4" drive metric socket set
-      ABS-TOP      ABS top for roller cabinet
-      580                 magnetic bits tray

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Brand Teng Tools
Item # 1082376
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