Talking the Torque

 Talking the Torque
31 March 2017
Talking the Torque

From the Workshop: Torque Wrenches

A torque wrench ensures nuts and bolts are tightened evenly to a predetermined level.  The tool is essential for a range of jobs such as tightening cylinder head bolts, wheel nuts and flywheel retaining bolts.

A torque wrench measures bolt tightening torque or turning force and alerts the user with an audible click or beep. "Torquing" a bolt places a joint under elastic stress with the bolts acting as springs and pulling the parts together.

The most accurate torque wrench in the world will be useless unless bolts and threads are in good shape because the tightening torque will be adversely affected by any binding.


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  Talking the Torque

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